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New Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Report released

Rising Medical Solutions has released its eighth Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study Report.

Since 2013, The Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study has surveyed more than 2,100 claims leaders on their top operational priorities, challenges and opportunities, as well as their strategies for improving claim outcomes.

New this year there are two new research components. First, while frontline claims examiners are the primary survey respondents, this year claim leaders responded to the frontline staff responses. Second, the study compares what high performing organizations are doing that lower performers are not, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of the differentiators between high and low performers included: advancing an advocacy-based, employee-centric claims model as a core operational strategy; offering career paths with growth opportunities for claims professionals; and, reducing compliance and administrative burden on frontline staff.

The report is available free to all industry stakeholders as a contribution to the worker’s compensation industry. Request a copy here.