Workers’ Compensation

Reinisch Wilson PC is a premier law firm for Pacific Northwest employers, insurance companies, and third party administrators in workers’ compensation matters. Technical, detailed and complex, the Workers’ Compensation Acts of Washington and Oregon provide exclusive remedies for workers to receive recovery against their employers for industrial injuries and occupational diseases. Our well-trained and highly experienced attorneys provide training, guidance, advice and aggressive representation in accordance with client interests and goals.

How We Serve Clients

Our attorneys provide advice, training, education, and legal consultations throughout the workers’ compensation industry in the Pacific Northwest at firm-led seminars and as presenters at industry associations, such as the Workers’ Compensation Claims Association and the Washington Self-Insurers Association.

Our attorneys focus exclusively upon Washington or Oregon workers’ compensation laws, rules and procedures. Such jurisdictional dedication ensures procedural and substantive advice and representation of the highest quality.

Please contact any of our attorneys if your company has any questions or has a need for advice and/or representation for Washington and/or Oregon workers’ compensation defense.