Why Choose Reinisch Wilson

We Partner with Our Clients in the Workers’ Compensation Community to Achieve Value-Driven Results Through Education, Negotiation, and Litigation.

Few employee benefits endure more intrusive and complex regulation than workers’ compensation, shaped by states’ administrative agencies and court decisions that often favor the injured worker. Since 1983, our attorneys have focused on Pacific Northwest workers’ compensation defense. Our practice area dedication ensures the most substantive advice and quality, effective, and efficient representation.

Our attorneys strive to stay apprised of new and developing law to provide accurate and current legal advice. Reinisch Wilson is dedicated to internal mentoring and providing regular trainings for our clients. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify priorities, creatively problem-solve, and achieve value-driven resolutions. We endeavor to raise the bar in workers’ compensation by partnering with our community and continuing the firm’s decades-long legacy of leadership in Oregon and Washington workers’ compensation.


Aspiring to the highest quality of innovative leadership, client service, and value-driven resolutions.


Cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment while we serve the workers’ compensation community.


Collaborating with clients, team members, and the community to maximize talents, knowledge, and results.


Demonstrating honesty, trust, and respect in our interactions with each other, our clients, and the community.


Striving for a flexible culture where we can align priorities at home with achieving the best outcomes at work.