Education & Training

Reinisch Wilson PC provides group and individualized educational seminars for claims professionals, human resource managers, and safety and risk specialists.

In March 2018, Reinisch Wilson PC began leading the Basic Oregon Workers’ Compensation Certification Course, previously offered by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Institute. Hundreds of claim examiners, human resources managers and others have graduated from the Basic Certification Course, the first to be approved by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division in 1990. The Claims Certification programs are presently held on-line, conducted by some of our senior Oregon practice attorneys. More information about the course is available here. 

The attorneys at Reinisch Wilson PC also offer continuing education courses for workers’ compensation claims examiners in Washington and Oregon. Seminars and programs are provided in a variety of formats, including webinars, conference centers for larger presentations, and on-site “Lunch and Learn” sessions for smaller, more intimate training.

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Clients of Reinisch Wilson PC typically receive advice and representation from attorneys with 10 to more than 30 years of experience. Vast and deep in knowledge with broad, expansive experience, our attorneys are able to quickly review the most complicated factual and medical scenarios to develop specific administrative action plans, negotiation and mediation protocols, and/or litigation strategies. We work closely with the claims professional to determine what tasks they will manage and what tasks we will pursue.

Depending upon the issues and the preferences of the client, a newer or associate attorney may be assigned to assist a senior attorney and/or directly advise and represent the client. The associate attorney works with a senior mentor attorney who is responsible for training and consulting with the associate attorney. The client is not billed both attorneys when an associate and mentor attorney work together on a single task. Rather, the client is billed solely for the work of one attorney, though two or more attorneys may have consulted and worked together to address the issue on behalf of the client. As a result, the client frequently receives the benefit of two legal minds to address an issue though billed for the professional time of one attorney.

Clients receive timely opinion letters, teleconferences, status reports and/or email updates. Substantive communication among attorneys and clients is a vital component of any administrative action plan, negotiation protocol or litigation strategy. Reinisch Wilson PC is committed to ensuring clients are well-informed through means of mutually-agreed upon forms of communication.

Clients have opportunities to attend educational seminars offered by Reinisch Wilson PC. We hold instructional programs at conference centers, on-site, or online. (See Oregon Certification Course)