Our Experience

Our attorneys have collective legal experience of more than 250 years.  Vast knowledge and broad exposure to issues ranging the full spectrum of workers’ compensation place Reinisch Wilson PC as the most experienced defense firm in the Pacific Northwest.

We provide advice and representation in matters that demand technical legal analysis and argument on procedural and substantive law, including statutory interpretation, jurisdictional concerns and evidentiary issues.  We concentrate on compensability and extent of disability in claims for industrial injury and occupational disease, musculoskeletal conditions, repetitive use syndromes, heart attacks and strokes, hearing loss, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries, toxic encephalopathy, dementia and cognitive concerns, depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders and numerous other medical conditions.  We address third party actions, return-to-work issues, reasonable accommodation claims, and the doctrines of dual capacity, lighting up, collateral estoppel and consequential conditions.  In brief, Reinisch Wilson PC has seen, addressed and handled all matters simple and complex under the statutory workers’ compensation systems.

If you have any questions or need assistance with regard to employer and insurer rights in workers’ compensation, contact one of the attorneys at Reinisch Wilson PC.