Tackle work like it’s the next big football game

Coach Steve Spurrier draws parallels between football and the insurance industry at the 71st Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference.

Kelly J. Niemeyer

Kelly J. Niemeyer

We had the pleasure of attending the 71st Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference in Orlando, Florida, in late-August. One of the most widely attended industry events in the nation, this year’s registrants numbered approximately 8,000 professionals. Of the over 500 speakers presenting on a multitude of topics, we found especially interesting the lessons offered for success by Keynote Speaker Coach Steve Spurrier, commonly known as the winningest football coach in University of Florida history.

Couch Spurrier outlined the characteristics and traits of highly successful people, written about by behavioral expert Dr. Charles Garfield. These attitudes not only apply to the locker room but transfer to life in general and a successful business model. We were especially impacted by these tips for success as they relate to navigating the insurance industry and its ever-changing climate – new laws and legislation, shifting technological demands, a changing workforce and the need to continue to attract the best and the brightest in this complex field.

Christy Doornink

Christy Doornink

Coach Spurrier stated that almost anyone can acquire the following traits. We take this to mean that regardless of whether you are a claims examiner, insurance executive, or employer you can benefit from these characteristics to further fulfill your professional needs. You should also expect these attitudes when choosing a defense firm.

We offer Coach Spurrier’s tips for success through our own interpretive lens as insurance defense counsel:

  1. Attitude. Always be positive. We can all tell the difference between a good attitude and a poor attitude.
  2. No excuses. Do not end the journey before you begin. The worst failure is born out of not even trying.
  3. Be responsible for your actions. Own your mistakes. No one likes a person who passes the buck.
  4. Effort. Be persistent and determined.
  5. Courage. Have the confidence to take risks when appropriate.
  6. Preparation. Do your homework. Being over prepared is far better than the opposite.
  7. Creative risks. Always look for a new and better approach.
  8. New ideas. Do not let anyone tell you NO simply because it’s never been done before. These are the words of stagnant unmotivated thinkers.
  9. Bouncing back from adversity. Never give up. You will lose. Learn from the loss and then attack the challenge with increased fervor.
  10. Transcend previous accomplishments. There is no ceiling.
  11. Love to compete. Competition makes us stronger. In the insurance industry, competition raises the bar allowing us to serve our clients and customers better.

The attorneys at Reinisch Wilson Weier strive to internalize these traits and apply them in business to benefit you. We are available to offer assistance or guidance on any Oregon, Washington or Longshore workers’ compensation matters.

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