Vincci W. Lam

Partner, Executive Committee


Vincci Lam’s practice is focused on all aspects of workers’ compensation defense and litigation. Growing up in an immigrant family who greatly benefited from public systems, she is acutely aware of the tremendous impact these systems, such as workers’ compensation, have on the stability and prosperity of a community. Vincci was elected a shareholder in 2017.

In keeping with her community and public-service driven values, Vincci focused on Political Science in her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington and emphasized Employment and Administrative Law in her legal studies at the University of Oregon. Vincci’s prior legal experience includes clerkships with the King County Attorney’s Office in Seattle, Legal Department of Starbucks Coffee Company and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Division for the Office of the Attorney General. Prior to beginning her legal practice, Vincci worked at a consulting firm specializing exclusively in assisting non-profit organizations.

Vincci is a lead instructor for the Firm’s Oregon Basic Workers’ Compensation Certification Course. She also serves on the Oregon State Bar’s Workers’ Compensation Section, as Chair of the Bench-Bar Forum.

At a fundamental level, exceptional client service requires being attentive to the needs of each client and partnering effectively to achieve a shared goal.  In the complex system of workers’ compensation, open communication and understanding the client’s priorities and challenges in each situation is paramount to ensuring a successful outcome.

My approach to client matters and problem solving is focused on achieving the “big picture” objectives of employers and insurers, while being mindful as to the details of each matter specifically. Arriving at the answer efficiently, while maintaining quality, is a priority in my work.

For each workers’ compensation claim, my role is to assess what has already happened, anticipate what may happen, and advise as to the best path going forward. By closely examining the details of each issue or claim, while keeping the “big picture” objectives in mind, my client and I can move forward with confidence toward a positive resolution.

  • Oregon State Bar Association
    • Workers’ Compensation Section
  • Oregon Women Lawyers

I was born in Hong Kong, China, but raised in the Portland-metropolitan area. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, travel, and (short) walks with my husband, daughter and our lovable, but lazy, English Bulldog.

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