Sarah M. Busch-Weiss

Associate She/Her


Sarah is from Portland, Oregon and received her bachelor degree in Political Science and History from the University of Oregon. Following the completion of her undergraduate studies, Sarah stayed in Eugene to pursue her Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon School of Law. While there, Sarah was the President of the American Constitution Society.

Sarah worked many jobs while in law school, which included being a law clerk for a local workers’ compensation claimants attorney in Eugene. While there, Sarah was introduced to the workers’ compensation system and developed an interest in the complex intersection of law and medicine.

Prior to joining RW, Sarah worked for a different workers’ compensation defense firm for almost two years.

In the complex world of workers’ compensation, extraordinary client services requires a high attention to detail coupled with prompt communication to work towards the shared goal of resolution by appropriate means.

Open communication and a clear understanding of the client’s priorities are paramount to fostering a successful collaborative relationship and strong defense strategy.

Each case requires individualized attention. Striking a balance between a more aggressive litigation approach and other means of dispute resolution allows me to find the most efficient manner of pushing claims forward. A high level of attentiveness to specific details, even when seemingly irrelevant, can be the building blocks of effective case management and targeted defense strategy. My approach is to assess each issue with a high attention to detail, prompt communication, and developing collaborative work environment to provide the highest level of client service possible.

Sarah and her partner live in SE Portland with their two dogs. Both enjoy the Portland culinary scene and love trying out new cafes, breweries, and restaurants. Sarah is an avid music lover, attending as many live concerts and music festivals as she can while working on growing her collection of vinyl records. Sarah enjoys kayaking, swimming, camping, club softball, roller skating, and attending the Portland Pickels baseball games all summer long.