Isaac S. Conzatti

Associate He/Him


Isaac Conzatti is an attorney on the Oregon worker’s compensation defense team. Isaac studied at Lewis & Clark Law School and spent two years clerking at the Oregon Department of Justice’s Child Advocacy Section, defending the actions of Oregon’s DHS family interventions. Isaac served as Submissions Editor on Animal Law Review and authored the 2020 Litigation Review.

As a client advocate, I am always committed to providing a vigorous defense by continually educating myself on new changes in any relevant field that could help the client. The strongest defense will always entail thorough preparation and collaboration, no matter what facts are involved. In my experience, effective representation is dependent on prompt and clear communication in order to create a strong defense. That is why I am always prepared to answer questions as carefully and completely as possible as this process refines my approach and improves my representation.

Isaac and his wife have a goal to visit every National Park in the U.S. and have visited 19 out of 63 so far. He enjoys hiking, watching the latest sci-fi or fantasy show, and spending time with his wife and two cats.