Charles B. Steele



Born in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Charles has always dreamed of being a lawyer since he first saw Sam Waterston play Jack McCoy on Law and Order. Visions of discovering that perfect cross question, or delivering the impassioned closing argument are what pushed Charles towards a legal education. Completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Portland with a degree in Environmental Ethics and Policy, Charles received the opportunity to pursue his boyhood dream of becoming an attorney when he attended Willamette University College of Law. While obtaining his Juris Doctor he also obtained his certificate in Alternatives to Dispute Resolution. Charles was a contributing provider to Willamette Law Online and Recent Developments in Dispute Resolution publications. Charles passed the bar in 2016 and joined Reinisch Wilson after spending time in family law.

Worker’s compensation requires more than just attention to detail, it requires that the attorney be passionate about their work, understand the complex law, stay up to date on any changes, and keep the client’s goals at the forefront of any decision. I serve my clients with understanding and a teamwork orientation, I believe that we should be working together to discover reasonable solutions that serve the law and the client. I am rooted in the understanding that I am providing a service and therefore need to be available; I always strive to deliver prompt responses and personalized attention.

We live in a fast-paced world and now, more than ever, information is power. I take pride in learning and staying afield of the most recent case law. We can’t win if we don’t know what the court has said, and I want to have every advantage available to me when I litigate.

  • West Linn High School Mock Trial Attorney Coach
  • Member of the West Linn – Wilsonville School Board Budget Committee.  

I am an avid knitter and use it for stress relief as well as insurance that I always have the best gifts during the holidays. I enjoy cooking with my wife, often with a scrap or two going to our beloved Corgi Ruby. I love working with my hands whether it’s completing a renovation project on our home, restoring a 1975 Corvette Stingray, or pouring a glass of bourbon from my private collection. Ultimately I’m a bit of a home body and enjoy nothing more than making a simple meal, getting cozy on the couch and watching anything True Crime related on the TV.

I am also an advocate for the arts and support Oregon’s premier traveling theatre troupe, Oregon Adventure Theatre.