Amanda R. Waibel



Amanda Waibel is a litigation defense attorney. She is currently licensed in California and has a comity application pending with the Oregon Stat Bar. Amanda discovered her love of the law through a brilliant high school history teacher (Mr. Rob Sloan) who made history come alive – and slotted her as lead prosecutor for a mock trial of a notorious ancient Chinese emperor. From there, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts from University of Redlands, graduating in 2008, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations and a minor in French. She then went on to University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, graduating in 2011.

After graduating law school, Amanda’s law career was very exploratory. She clerked for a San Francisco class action employment firm, before moving to Sacramento to pursue debt collection and defense work, before ultimately landing in personal injury, property damage and insurance defense.

Realizing that her family wanted to be back in Oregon, Amanda made the jump to Reinisch Wilson and Workers’ Compensation in 2022, enjoying the overlap that tort law practice and Workers’ Compensation presents.

While working in insurance defense, I developed excellent relationships with insurers, client administrators and individual clients, as well as defense counsel throughout the past several years of my practice. I enjoy the fluid handling of claims from inception to closure, and focusing on settlement and resolution of issues. For each claim, my goal is to assess what has happened to date, what arguments are being made, and anticipate where the claim is likely to head so we can move forward with confidence towards a positive resolution that is best for the client. I really enjoy taking aspects of a case, such as medical records/terminology and translating them into a bigger picture assessment for a client to help them address valuation of a case.

Working hand-in-hand with the client as we achieve these goals in the case is crucial to a timely and effective case resolution, but also in maintaining client relationships, which is paramount to our success in this field. A well-informed client is a happy client, and I strive to keep all clients apprised at all times of what is going on in their matters.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, trivia, reading mysteries (fiction and true crime), traveling with my family and attending Oregon sporting events. I have an overwhelming love of animals and have four pets – Lily (Pitbull rescue); Newman (Himalayan); Brando (Himalayan); Bogart (Himalayan); there’s also a barn owl named Darius.