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LexisNexis selects Reinisch Wilson Weier PC website a 2014 Top Blog

LexisNexis has designated the Reinisch Wilson Weier PC “Workers’ Compensation Defense Blog” as a “Blog to Watch” in its annual review of workers’ compensation and workplace issues-related blogs across the United States. Over 200 blog sites were reviewed; 22 were selected as either “Blogs to Watch,” “National Blogs,” “State-Specific Blogs” or “Niche Blogs.” LexisNexis announced its choices December 16, 2014.

LexisNexis Top blogs badges 114x145In its assessment of this blog, LexisNexis cited an “ultra professional-looking blog (that) features case law updates, commentary on comp issues, and comp-related news, all generally from a fair, yet defense-oriented viewpoint.” Specific examples included a post by Courtney C. Kreutz and Dave E. Wilson commenting on the ramifications of Vigor Industrial, LLC v. Ayres, 257 Or. App. 705. (See: “A Simple Equation Complicates Combined Condition Processing“) LexisNexis also mentioned how “(a)ttorneys at the firm pour over medical articles in addition to case decisions” with regard to a post by Michael H. Weier contrasting simultaneous bilateral vs. unilateral total knee arthroplasty. (See: “Study reveals simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty has increased risk of complications”)

“The world of workers’ compensation and workplace safety continues to be a challenging one. Attorneys, risk managers, academics and other comp world decision-makers can no longer concentrate on ‘traditional’ claimant vs. employer pressures/issues,” according to LexisNexis. “There may be no better way to monitor these changes, to avoid pitfalls and to maneuver the complex arena of workers’ compensation and workplace safety than regularly perusing these Top Blogs.”

In its announcement, LexisNexis said, “we’ve searched for the best of the best—those legal blogs that provide insightful analysis and those business-oriented blogs that offer valuable tidbits of practical information and best practice tips for employers, insurers, risk managers and other professionals.”

Some of the other blog honorees included “Bob’s Cluttered Desk” (published by – Robert Wilson), “Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers” (published by the Law Offices of Alex Berman, PC), “Navigable Waters” (a Longshore-oriented blog published by Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett), “Reduce Your Workers Comp” (published by Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc.) and “Managed Care Matters” (published by Joseph Paduda.)