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First firm commuter challenge held

Reinisch Wilson Weier PC held its first annual commuter challenge for the entire month of January. Employees who either walk/rode, took public transportation, carpooled or drove a hybrid or electric vehicle at least two times per week were eligible for one of two cash prizes. With carpooling contingents coming from as far as Vancouver and St. Helens, the first annual commuter challenge was a huge hit! Congratulations are in order to two members of the St. Helens crew –  Marie Maestas and Nikki Wilburn – for coming up big in our first round.

Firm employees throughout the Portland office are now conspiring to set up carpool crews, public transportation itineraries and the like to be eligible for next year’s prizes!

The commuter challenge was created by Reinisch Wilson Weier’s sustainability committee, the Green Rhinos, whose mission is to implement practices and policies that make the firm more earth friendly. Go Green!