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Partying like you are on fire in King’s Landing

What happens when insurance defense attorneys throw a Game of Thrones party? A lot of yelling and images you can’t unsee.

Fans and the curious joined members of the firm to celebrate the series finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at Old Town Pizza and Brewery. Members of the firm attending and/or planning the event included: Ally “Unsullied Grease Snail” McLain, Allyson “Melisandre’s Shadow Baby” Swecker, Carli “Unsullied Broken Slug” Hopkins, Casondra “Sansa Stark” Albrecht, Gina “Unsullied Grey Krill” Ko, John “Ned Stark” Zanetti, Kelly “Arya Stark” Niemeyer, Mary “Daenerys Targaryen” Hannon, Rebecca “Melisandre” Fey, Sara “Rhaegal” Wong, Steve “Night King” Reinisch, and Vincci “Unsullied Moth Fart” Lam.

In addition to food, attendees were treated to a menu of specialty “house” drinks (“House Stark”, “House Lannister,” “House Targaryen,” “House Reinisch,” etc.), and attorney nerds (ahem, really cool professionals) in costumes.

And then there were prizes! A Survival Pool was circulated in advance of the party allowing guests to predict who would live and who would survive by the end of Season Eight; extra point questions included, “is Daenerys pregnant?” or “If the Night King dies, who kills him?” The Survival Pool winner was Emily Huckaby, while Ryan Hearn and Darren Graffius were runners up. Other prizes, awarded for correct trivia answers, included a Tyrion-themed gift basket (Nicole Lesange), several baskets that included bottles of Johnny Walker “White Walker” whiskey, an Early Bird raffle prize (Renata Hartsook), plus banners and a few sharp instruments – “Stick them with the pointy end!” Mini Funkos were door prizes for all.

The series conclusion was best summed up by Casondra Albrecht (SPOILER ALERT):

You can mourn (or celebrate??) the end of an era in television. So what happened is… Daenerys became a monster. Jon slayed the monster in a classic kiss kiss stab stab move, then got sent to his room without dinner. Bran becomes king of the six kingdoms, Sansa queen in the north, and Arya a sea captain. Tyrion is sad. A lot. Drogon is off wherever, but the showrunners saw fit to give us a moment of Jon petting Ghost after he makes it north to continue his bromance with Tormund (aka a more convincing story of love than the one between him and Daenerys). (Click here for a humorous summary of Season 8.)

Below are pictures from the event.

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